Essex Regiment & Essex Militia History

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Welcome to the Essex Military Pages

This web site covers the Essex Military up to the end of the Great War.

 The main focus is the Essex Regiment and its predecessors the 44th East Essex Regiment and the 56th West Essex Regiment plus a variety of Militia Groups going back to the English Civil War.

Other factors like the effect of war on the Essex Population and back up facilities like the VAD Hospitals are also covered. As many of the visitors to this site will be people trying to find out about their Essex Military ancestors a series of useful guides to Essex Military research are included.

As there are already some great web sites like the Long Long Trail which deal in a detailed way with campaigns, this site in not aiming to repeat their work but will concentrate on the family history aspect with the names, stories and everyday life of many of the men and officers who served Essex so well.

Much of the information on this site is locally researched in Essex and is not found elsewhere of the web.

Contributions of photos, stories or information have been very welcome and we look forward to receiving more by using the contact us button.