Essex Regiment & Essex Militia History

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2nd Battalion of 44th Regiment in 1803

The  2nd Battalion of the 44th Essex  spent most of 1802 and 1803 in Ireland.

In 1803 the war with France resumed and an invasion fleet was assembled at Bolougne

The threat of invasion led to the formation of reserve units for home service only and the 2nd battalion of the 44th Regiment was formed.

The war also brought about the return of the 44th Regiment from Waterford.

The Officers of the 44th in 1803 were listed as

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Nichol


Thomas Danser

Henry Powlett


Marcus John Annesly

J Chilton L Carter

John Cruice

Henry Debbieg

John A Johnson

Archibald McAuly

Charles Madden

Thomas Mullins

Thomas Murphy

Henry Nixon


Alexander Andrews

Thomas Ballard

William Davis

T A Dudie

James Clegg Kennedy

William Langley

Arthur Newport

James Ponsonby

Thomas O'Reilly

John Wynne


John Blakeney

William Alexander Craig

Roland Davis

James Hardy Eustace

Albert Friend

John Goldrisk

George Hill

George Rea


Adjutant Colin Meekisson

Quartermaster Henry Jones

Surgeon Robert Miller

Asst Surgeon William Vassall