Essex Regiment & Essex Militia History

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East Essex or 44th Regiment of Foot 1739 to 1881

Regimental Information

Captain Robert Grier

Private John McDougall VC

Sgt William McWhinney VC

Lt William Pearce

Major General Francis Ventris

Wills of 44th Officers 1807-1856

1st Battalion

The 44th Essex Regiment was formed in 1739 as the 55th but was renumbered as the 44th in 1749.

The end of the 44th came in 1881 when it became the 1st Battalion of the newly formed Essex Regiment

  Commanders of the 1st Battalion
1741 Officers when 44th Regiment Commisioned
1755 Battle near Fort du Quesny
1758 Battle for Fort Ticonderoga
1801 The landing at Aboukir Bay
1815 Battle of New Orleans
1821 List of Officers
1821 List of half pay officers
1833 List of current Officers
1833 List of half pay Officers
1841-1842 Memorial to men who fell in First Afghan War
1842 Other Ranks released as Afgham Prisoners of War
1853 List of Officers
1854 Casualties at Balklava
1855 The attack on Malakoff
1855 Presentation of Crimea Medals at Buckingham Palace
1856 List of Officers
1860 Officers embarking for China
1860 Battle of Taku Fort and casualty list
1860 Other ranks who distinguished themselves in China
1866 Regimental depot staff at Colchester
1867 Regimental Sports Day
1872 Officers embark for India
1880-1901 Meritorious Service Medal and Annuity awarded to NCO'

2nd Battalion

The 2nd Battalion of the 44th Essex was added in 1803 and disbanded in January 1816.

  Commanding Officers
1803 List of Officers of 2nd Battalion
1812 Battle of Salamanca and capture of the Eagle
1812 Storming of Badojoz Castle
1814 Storming of Bergen op Zoom
1815 Battle of Waterloo -  casualties
1815 Battle of Waterloo - Medals awarded

Reserve battalion

A Reserve Battalion was in existence from 1846 to 1850.

1846-1850 44th Essex Reserve Battalion


44th Essex Soldier 174244th Essex Uniform at time of commisioning

Picture from Historical Records of the Fourty Fourth by Thomas Carter in 1887