Essex Regiment & Essex Militia History

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44th Essex Sports Day 1867

In June 1867 the 44th Regiment of Foot held their annual sports day at Aldershot Cricket Ground.

Although the weather was poor several Officers and their ladies attended.

The stewards were

Lt Colonel Preston , E C Piggott, T S Irvine and W H M'Harg.

Colonel Browne CB acted as judge.

Winners were

1/2 mile race -  1st Pte W Bantock K Coy 2nd Pte Amery I Coy

Running Long Jump - 1st Pte Naylor  2nd Pte Giblin

1/4 mile race 1st Pte Hammond F Coy  2nd Pte C Bantock C Coy 3rd Pte Copestick

Standing Long Jump  1st Pte Naylor H Coy

100 Yards Flat Race - 1st Pte Amery I Coy

High Jump  1st Pte Goldsmith K Coy

Putting the Shot 1st Pte Gaffney H Coy

200 yard Hurdles - 1st Pte Naylor H Coy  2nd Pte Roberts D Coy

Hop, Step and Jump 1st Pte Naylor H Coy

Veterans Race - 1st Sgt Menary D Coy

Race in Cock Fighting Order - 1st Pte Goldsmith K Coy

Boys under 16 yrs 300 yards  1st Bandsman Martin  2nd Drummer Haine

Sack Race 1st Sgt Menary 2nd Pte Marsden

Flat race 150 yards for soldiers sons 1st Jamison 2nd Bradley 3rd Martin

Three Legged Race  1st Ptes Giblin & Goldsmith  2nd Ptes Munson & hennessy

Consolation Stakes over 300 yards 1st Pte Copestick H Coy