Essex Regiment & Essex Militia History

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56th Essex Officer Half Pay List 1833

The Officers below were listed as on half pay in the official Army List for 1833.

Major  David Graham


Alexander McDonald, Wm Gar Bridges Protheroe, Aug Johnston McIntyre, James Campbell Murdoch, Robert Stephens, John Newman Wylde, benjamin Geale Humfrey, John Watts Bowen and Charles James Vyner.


George Johnston, James Cossley Lewis, Loudon Harcourt Gordon, Fred Littleton Strangways, John Roe, Charles Wilson, James Glover Finn, Charles Charsley, Robert James, John Laplain, Anthony Francis Wm Lynch, Geroge Geary, John Rancland, Archibald McLean and John Marklove


Thomas Sparkes, Tho Armstrong Mitchell, Phillip Rose, Henry Mulligan, and William Fairclough

Paymaster William Bell

Quartermaster Thomas Grimwood

Surgeon Francis Foster