Essex Regiment & Essex Militia History

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Adanac War Cemetery

Adanac Cemetery was built after the war to take the bodies of soldiers from five smaller battleground cemeteries at Miramount and Courcelette.

Casualties in this cemetery date from 1916 to 1918 to reflect the continual fighting in this area.

To reflect on the huge number of Canadian casualties the cemetery name is Canada reversed

Adanac War Cemetery

There are eighteen members of the Essex Regiment with headstones at Adanac.

The 1916 and 1917 Headstones are mainly 10th Essex and the 1918 Headstones are mainly 1st Essex

2nd Lt Vernon Saville Beevor MC , Sergeants B F Fenn and Matthew Henry Lloyd, Corporal McKenzie MM,  Lance Corporal W H Chapman and Privates A  Andrews, Ernest Henry Asker, A Bailey, G Bennett , Horace John Chinnock, Charles William Cummings, E Newell, W Neale, D P Ostler, H W Powers, G T Rann, P Tarbard and George Charles Turner.

 2nd Lt Vernon Saville Beevor MC

2nd Lt Beevor was a Felsted Schoolboy who joined the 10th Essex and was awarded the MC in 1916 for conspicuous gallantry in action when he led his men in the attack with great courage and coolness, captured the enemy trench and consolidated the position with marked skill.

He returned home to recover from wounds but returned to France in January 1917 where he was killed in action in March 1917.

headstone Cpl McKenzie MM

MM for Corporal HJ H McKenzie

Corporal McKenzie enlisted in the 10th Essex and arrived in France on 27 May 1915

He was awarded the Military Medal in January 1917 and promoted to Corporal but was killed in action on 8 March 1917.


Photographs of most of the headstones listed above are available free of charge although a small donation to Help for heroes charity would be appreciated.