Essex Regiment & Essex Militia History

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Barrack Rooms

Barracks varied in appearance and setting throughout the world although they all have similar characteristics.

Importantly they were home to the soldiers stationed there and so were the place that they felt most confortable.

Military rules and tradition meant that barrack rooms were spotlessly clean and tidy with soldiers facing the wrath of the NCO's if that was not the case.

Not only was this important from a discipline viewpoint but it was important for the mens health. So many men living in close proximity in dirty conditions would encourage disease and so weaken the Companies ability to fight.

Barrack rooms normally had a row of beds along each of the longest walls in the room.

A shelf was provided near to the bed to store some possessions with hooks under the shelf to allow items to ne hung.

A lockable box or cupboard was also provided to allow for the secure storage of private property.

Each bed area in the room would look similar with the exception of a small display or personal memorabilia such as a photograph of a loved one.

An ablution area was attached to provide washing and toilet facilities and in many barracks a small mess room was also provided.


Each morning the soldiers were required to make the beds with blankets folded to allow the end of the bed to be used as a seat.