Essex Regiment & Essex Militia History

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Some important people in the story of the Essex Regiment & Essex Yeomanry

It would be impossible to tell the story of everyone who played a role in the Essex Regiment.

The links below will at least tell the story of a few who are listed to represent the lives of the many ordinary men who did extraordinary things, those who helped to shape the Regiment and those who proved to be heroes and inspire us all .

Click on the name to read the soldiers story.

Albert Edward Baker 5th Essex - Lance Corporal  killed after 7 days at war
CSM Frank Cannon 11th Essex - Soldier and West Ham United Footballer
Sir Richard Colvin Essex Yeomanry founder
Colonel Harry Cooper Essex Volunteer Battalions
Lt Joseph Culver 10th Essex - Shot in POW camp
Captain Phillip Dale 11th Essex - escaped from POW camp
RSM Christopher Farrell Essex Yeomanry RSM in WW1
Major Guy Gold Essex Yeomanry  - Charged at Monchy le Preux
Captain Robert Grier 44th Essex leader of the Forlorn Hope at Badajos
Sgt Major William Livesey West Essex Yeomanry veteran with 62 yrs service
Private John McDougall VC 44th Essex Won his VC in 1860 in China
Sergeant William McWhinney VC 44th Essex Won VC in 1854 at Sebastapol
Corporal Conrad Mason 10th Essex KIA 1917 left WW1 diaries
Lt Colonel Augustus Charles Newman VC 4th Essex Won his VC in 1942 in WW2
Lieutenant Francis Newton Parsons VC 1st Essex  Won his VC in 1900 in Boer War
Lieutenant William Pearce 44th Essex Captured a French Eagle in 1812
Lt Col J F Radcliffe 10th Essex OIC Killed in Action
Lieutenant Robert Montresor Rogers VC 44th Essex Won VC in 1860 in China
CSM Arthur Rowland 1st Essex CSM killed in the 1916 Somme
Trumpeter Richard Stevens 10th Volunteer Rifles at Zulu War
2nd Lieutenant Marshall Stuart Straight 12th & 1st Essex Bombing Officer
Colonel George Stirling Commanded both 1st & 2nd Essex
2nd Lt Stephen Warner MC 2nd Essex Diarist
Private Alfred John Wakefield Private who died in training
2nd Lieutenant Frank Bernard Wearne VC 3rd, 10th & 11th Essex Won his VC at battle of Loos
2nd Lt Geoffrey Harold Wooley VC , MC, OBE 5th Essex- 1st Territorial to win VC
Major General Francis Ventris 44th Essex Commander