Essex Regiment & Essex Militia History

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Captain Phillip Francis Dale MC

Phillip Dale was born in 1896 at Radclive, Buckinghamshire where his father , Herbert Dale, was Rector.

In August 1914 his father was Rector of Hornchurch and Phillip  volunteered for the forces , joining the 11th Essex Regiment as a 2nd Lieutenant.

On 26 September 1915 he took part in the Battle of Loos and after being wounded he was captured by the Germans.

He was taken to Germany and was held in POW camps at Gutersloh, Furstenberg in Meckleburg, Ingolstadt and Ludwigsafen.

Phillip was unhappy in captivity and made five attempts to escape which is no doubt one of the reason for the large number of POW camps.

His last attempt from Ludwigsafen was successful and Phillip was able to reach Holland safely on 12 May 1918.

For his escape he was received by the King at Buckingham Palace and was awarded with the Military Cross.
He rejoined the war effort in France as an intelligence officer and was demobilised in March 1919.
After a month as a civilian conflict in Russia flared which saw Phillip volunteering again and serving as an intelligence office in Southern Russia from September to December 1919 at which point he was appointed as British Vice Consul of Kiev.

In 1921 he joined the Crown Colonies Service and was sent to the Gold Coast ( Now known as Ghana)

Sadly in 1926 he died  while  still in service in the Gold Coast.