Essex Regiment & Essex Militia History

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Essex Militia in Ireland in 1599

In 1599 the rebellion in Ireland led by Hugh O'Neil required the raising of extra forces for the British army now under the command of the Earl of Essex.

On 10 August 1599 the Essex Justices of the Peace called a military parade of 3000 foot soldiers and 200 horse soldiers from the Essex Militia.

Captain Henry Clare raised 150 men (45 pikemen, 45 musketeers, 45 cavalrymen and 15 halberdiers) at Chelmsford on 8 the March 1599.

Essex also provided a party of 25 light horsemen under the command of Sir Anthony Cooke.
Each man was armed with an open headpiece, front and rear leather armour, a long pistol , a sword and a girdle.
The uniform was an orange/tawny coat and hood lined with white baize and edged with white lace.

George Fenner from London
Henry Waldegrave of Bures
Thomas Mewtisse of West Ham
John Waldegrave of Bures
John Pascall of Baddow
Danyell Sydaye of Bures
Ananyos Fisher of London
William West of London
Morgan Rychardes of London
John Foster of London
Rychard Woodhouse of Maldon
Phillippe Toppcliffe of Romford
Jeames Beadall of Baddow
Edward Vaughn of Baddow
Robert Tyrell of Ramsden
John Edwards of Boreham
John Badbie of Bury
Thomas Sheppeheard of Romford
John Baker of Hornchurch
Henry Sadde of London
Anthony Swallowe of London
John Hudson of Romford
Edward Charvell of Romford
John Wylett of Hornchurch
Randall Proctor of London

Source-The Essex Militia by John William Burrows published 1929