Essex Regiment & Essex Militia History

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Essex Yeomanry-Stories behind some medals

There are so many tales of bravery, so medals won by men of the Essex Regiment and of course heroism that was not recorded, that it is not possible to tell them all.

Some of their tales are shown below in tribute to them all.

Lt Percy Robert Jermyn MC

Lt Jermym of the Essex Yeomanry was attached to the 10th Hussars when he showed conspicuous gallantry and determination in carrying out orders under heavy fire on two occasions.

On 9 October 1918 at Honnechy he was knocked over by a shell, carrying orders on foot, just after the village was captured.

On 10 October 1918, north east of Troisvilles, when his horse was killed under him and he was severely shaken he completed his task on foot under very heavy fire.

Lance Corporal L G Cook  - DSC  awarded 1916

In digging out a comrade who had been buried by an enemy shell. He was in full view of the enemy at the time and was himself partly buried by other enemy shells. After carrying his comrade to a dressing station he returned to the front line, though badly shaken, and refused to leave until ordered.