Essex Regiment & Essex Militia History

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East Essex Militia 1778

The below men were the Officers of the Eastern Essex Milita following a mustering on 19 April 1778 during the time of the American War of Independence

Colonel Commandant Isaac Martin Rebow
Lt Colonel John Bullock
Major John Whittle

Joseph Fell
Richard Dawes
Phillip Dawson
John Collins
James Blatch

Captain Lieutenant
Phillip Newton

John Price
Edward Chester
Martin carter
William Fraser
Charles Whaley
Thomas Walford
John Hanchette
Joseph Fell (Junior)

Thomas Daniell
Henry Lambe
John Bailey
Joseph Duke
William F Glover

Adjutant and Paymaster William Fraser
Quarter Master Charles Whaley
Surgeon William Glover (Junior)
William Field of 13 Paper Buildings , Inner Temple

Source-The Essex Militia by John William Burrows published 1929