Essex Regiment & Essex Militia History

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East Essex Battalion Militia 1831

The below men are listed as members of the East Essex Battalion Militia in October 1831.

Colonel H J Convers

Lieut-Colonel Jere. Kesterman

Major James Anderson



Thom William Maybey

Edw Gresley Stone

H Jessopp

Edwin Griffiths



William Langstaffe

N Anderson Jagger

John Lynch

John Bell

Charles Rush

J Collins Light

Charles Osborn

Samuel Weeley

Chas Thorley



Chas Theedam

George F Maybey

W S Lambe

Geo Blake

George W Rooke

A J Landon


Adjutant Jesse Jones

Paymaster Charles Thorley

Surgeon Thomas Calley

Asst Surgeon William Langstaffe

Quartermaster John Snell