Essex Regiment & Essex Militia History

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Red Cross War Service Medals Awarded at Buckhurst Hill in 1922

In March1922  Mrs J E Wythes OBE presented  Medals to the below members of Buckhurst Hill 6 VAD.

Royal Red Cross 2nd Class

Miss Dorothy Ashbridge

British Red Cross War Medal

Mrs Pelly (Commandant)

Mrs Ashbridge

Mrs Bridger

Miss L Cutchey ( Head Cook)

Miss J Cutchey

Mrs Chapman

Mrs Channon

Miss H Drummond,

Mrs Gill,

Miss E Fry

Miss B Goodman

Miss D Hussey

Miss A Howard

Miss A Jones

Miss L Lechber

Miss Kent

Miss Moson

Miss R Mulford

Miss K Satchwell

Mrs Shildon

Miss J Turtle

Mrs Tubby

Miss L Tidswell

Miss  Taylor

Mrs Woods

Mrs Westfield

Mrs Wright

Victory and General Service Medal

Miss Theresa Buxton (Commandant)

Miss Elsie Kemball (Quartermaster)

Miss Grace Jeffreyes

Mrs Elliot

Mrs G Harris

Mons Star

Miss Theresa Buxton

Mentioned in Despatches

Miss T Buxton

Mrs Pelly

Mrs Markham

Miss L Cutchley