Essex Regiment & Essex Militia History

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West Essex Yeomanry


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1860 C  Company Dinner

Sergeant Major William Livesey

The Story of the West Essex Yeomanry

In December 1830 at the time of the agricultural riots George Palmer was foremost in raising a troop of Volunteer Yeomanry Cavalry, consisting of 82 members, which at the time was the only volunteer force in Essex.

Funding for the Cavalry was withdrawn in 1838 but continued to operate with funding from its members until 1843 when funding was restored and the Cavalry recognised by the Home Office once more.

At this stage the Yeomanry was armed with rifled carbines and acted as a Light Artillery.

In 1868 Lt Colonel Palmer retired after 38 years in command which seems to have started a decline in the fortune of the Yeomanry. Within 3 years the Regiment changed its name to the Essex Yeomanry Cavalry and by 1876 the Regiment was no more.